Master Richard Allen


With National, European and World titles under his belt, four visits to the Olympics to date and over 200 students already to follow in his footsteps, 5th Dan Richard ‘big rich’ Allen has become somewhat of an icon in the federation of Taekwondo and an inspiration to the young, the old and both men and women.
His Taekwondo Academy has assisted with the fight to keep local children off the streets and out of trouble by giving them opportunities and positive goals to focus on. This in turn has made him well known within his community.

At the age of 18, Richard became British champion and held the title for 10 years; a feat still not matched, and to this day remains undefeated.

He has been teaching Taekwondo for over a decade culminating in him becoming a Master in 2012. His oldest student is in his 50s and youngest is 4 years old.

Achieving the level of competing in the Olympics and World Championships is a high point especially in this game and Richard is very proud to say he has achieved both of these throughout his career.

Richard has competed in a number of major competitions including the 1991 World Championships; he was part of the 2000 GB Olympic squad, one of the Olympic coaches for the 2004 Olympics, England commonwealth team coach in 2006 and National cadet coach in 2007. He has been the London Taekwondo team coach since 2002.

Richard retired from competing to devout his time to training his students. If given the chance to compete again – he would.
With has fast and furious training scheme, Richard has had the honour of coaching many of today’s champions and has helped many students achieve an array of titles at both national and international level.

The Allen Taekwondo Academy (ATA) holds training sessions at South Bank University, 2 of Croydon’s local primary schools, Thornton Heath Leisure Centre with a new venue just opened in Bromley. All in all, Richard trains over 200 students, children and adults alike, with the growing potential to frequent more schools. Richards aim is to reach deeper within the community.

Richard is a high believer in teaching morals to his students; the Korean tenants that all students learn are Etiquette, Modesty, Self control Perseverance in Indomitable spirit.

Teaching Taekwondo to children within his community and helping them become a part of Olympic body is a positive thing and a way forward for them.

Taekwondo gives young people a sense of achievement and is a sport with no age limit or prejudices.

This is not the last we will hear of the Allen Taekwondo Academy. For his students aiming to compete professionally or those who have joined to keep fit and make new friends, Richard Allen’s main focus is to make sure all his students achieve their goals.

Meet the Black Belts past and present

They say that only 1 out of every 1000 students will achieve their Black Belts on martial arts. The following students have made that commitment to excel in Taekwondo. All of them have begun passing on their knowledge to other students. They are currently training and expanding their knowledge. These students did not make it this far by practising 1 hour a week, nor did they make it by themselves. They had the support of family, friends and peers

Allen Taekwondo Academy invites you to be our next Black Belt. The hardest part is attending your first class.

If you need help, motivation or support of any kind, ask one of the Black Belts. They will help you any way they can.

Mellisa McSorley
Poomsae Coach

Winston Casaclang
Poomsae Coach

Dharys Nugent
Tricia Hopkins
Olsi Hoxa
Stephanie Allen
Feyi Pearce
Amin Badr
Andrew Thomas-Hamilton
James Allen
Neil Patel
Thu Hoang Nguyen
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Daniel Oluwatoyin
Georgia Stanley
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